Innocence - Dea Loher

In Innocence Dea Loher outlines in nineteen scenes a lasting image of a group of desperate and suffocated people in a small coastal town. Two illegals are walking down the sea horizon. They see a woman walking into the sea and do nothing. One cannot sleep out of guilt, the other finds a bag with money inside at a bus stop  and interprets it as a sign from God. A blind woman dances naked at a nightclub called The Blue Planet. A childless woman asks everyone for forgiveness for the crimes her son did. A diabetic old lady moves in with her daughter and son-in-law, subsequently to occupy all their living space. People meet each other and lose each other again.

Dea Loher is one the most successful contemporary German writers. Her plays are awarded and performed multiple times. In her political and poetic texts, one can hear echoes of Brecht, Beckett, Müller and above all Fassbinder.

From and with Roovers Robby Cleiren, Luc Nuyens and Sofie Sente
& Leen Diependaele, Evgenia Brendes, Danny Bouman, Idrissa Mbengue, Jovial Mbenga, Isabelle Van Hecke and Anne-Laure Vandeputte

Music: Leen Diependaele/Samowar & KRENG
Scenography: Stef Stessel
Costumes: Pynoo
Sound- and lighting engineering: Wim Bernaers & Bert Vermeulen
Production: de Roovers spelen 

mei 2017

april 2017

maart 2017

Focus Knack — 21-03-2017
De Standaard — 20-03-2017
DWARS — 20-03-2017
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